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Open Wheeler Imports is a low-volume importer of high performance and interesting vehicles. We are the sole representative of Ariel Motor Company Limited in Australia and New Zealand. The Ariel Atom 2 is currently offered for sale as a road vehicle in New Zealand and a track vehicle in Australia. Compliance work is being undertaken to allow road use of the Atom in all states of Australia.

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Choosing Mag Wheels in Brisbane

Mag wheels are named after the compound that was used to make them. They are usually made of magnesium. Along with their cosmetic appeal, mags are also popular for their strength and for being lightweight.Mag wheels are significantly lighter than wheels made of standard steel. The vehicle will handle better because the suspension can imitate the terrain. This improves the grip and traction that the vehicles wheels will have on the road. The lighter wheels will also help to increase gas mileage. Another benefit of using mag wheels is that they have better heat transmission. This will decrease the chance of brake failure caused by overheating. Some other pros to consider are that mag wheels are resistant to rust and they do not need to be painted or covered with wheel covers.  For Mag Wheels in Brisbane, we recommend Ozzy Tyres Underwood.


Mags do tend to be a bit more costly than the standard wheels. This is because they do cost more to make. For this reason, mags are considered a luxury add-on when if you purchase your car new.People that are looking for the benefits of mag rims without having to buy those as an add-on can find manufacturers that will make after market wheels for some different vehicles. Usually, these wheels can be made to the buyer’s specifications, which make buying mags after the fact a benefit. With their increased popularity they have gained slang terms such as dubs and mags.


There are hundreds of other brand names available to choose from in Brisbane. When making a decision, the price is often the first factor that most people consider. When choosing wheels, not only will you want to consider the cost but also the look that you are going for and if you want a forged or a die cast mag. As a rule of thumb, forged will cost a bit more than die cast.


If the wheels do not fit the vehicle correctly, the result may be severe damage that can cost several hundred dollars or more to have repaired. It is important to have a professional size up your wheels. They will consider certain factors such as the size of the bolts and the load capacity. When measured and installed correctly, aftermarket mag wheels will bring you years of enjoyment for your vehicle.

How to Choose the Right Car Wheels In Canberra

Your car wheels in canberra are the only connection between your car and the road surface. Not only do they affect the performance of your car, but they also play a highly significant role when it comes to the safety of the driver and the passengers. That is why, it is important to learn the basics of choosing the right car wheels.

Know your car’s manufacturer requirements
The first thing to do is to know the specifications that are outlined for your car. You will not have to stick to one specific brand. However, the chosen tires must be of the size and type recommended to fit the wheel as intended. The Ozzy Tyres Tyre store around Canberra provide different trusted wheels.

Know your needs
Second, you will have to determine your own needs and driving conditions. Choose a store you trust enough to ask for a recommendation of the type of tire you would need. Ozzy Tyres with its multiple stores in Canberra offers various services you can benefit from. For example, you should discuss your expectations of a tire’s life expectancy, your average driving speed, the weather conditions, etc.

Decide whether you want to change the tires only or the whole wheel
One reason why people change their car’s wheels is because of appearance. Choosing a better looking wheel can make a whole lot of difference on some cars. However, plus sizing the wheels and tires will improve not only the appearance, but also the performance of your car. A larger wheel and a lower profile tire can affect the steering response as well as the stability.
Set your budget

Another important factor to consider is how much you would like to spend on your wheels change. You should know that nice wheels are not cheap. Refer to Ozzy Tyres for some great deals. Wheels made specifically for your car are definitely worth it as they will prove to be a great longer-term investment with increased levels of safety.

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